ipcainterface offitical site Login www ipcainterface com

The ipcainterface is a secure website in the pca category about “IPCA.” It has been created by the University of Mumbai with the intention of being a resource for online learners. This website assists learners in obtaining access to CA curricula, journals, and other professional resources. The IPCA was developed with the help of public universities throughout India as well as Universities in Brazil and Algeria. The development of this website also shows how powerful collaboration can be when different institutions create their own websites to share resources globally.


ipcainterface offitical site Login www ipcainterface com

You must have a valid e-mail id in order to use the site. This is used as your password and your access to the site is granted if you are logged in with valid details. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by signing up for free. After signing up click on “Sign In” in the right-hand corner of the website and enter your details such as email address, password, and user name. If this was not possible to do due to lack of valid information.

There are options like signing up with creating a profile (requested) using your personal details provided while registering as a student. You can save your favourites and add them using the tabs on the right-hand side of the website. You can also access journals and CA Curricula if you have been provided access by your school. There are also options to search in the journal database, CA Curricula, or journals and CA Curricula by author name.

Offitial site ipcainterface link here

Features of using the  ipcainterface:

It helps you find the CA curriculum and journal articles using the university search engine that locates the pages of online journals that have been published on the website. You can also search for CA content based on your requirements. This website is a collaborative platform as each thing or feature in this website has been developed with collaboration between institutions. You can also access a lot of information such as your details, saved links, your favourite pages and bookmarks reading lists and a lot more by clicking on profile from the left-hand side panel menu.

Other than the online journals and online searches there are almost 46 links to various things like technical resources, products, articles, other websites and publications. The website also has published articles that are accessible through the site. Features-wise it is one of the most extensively designed websites with a lot of information at your disposal. It has been designed in a way that navigation is easy and the interface is user friendly. You can search for information on different universities from all over India on this website as well.

Final Verdict:

The website is a great source of information about CA for students, who are learning and want to go for advanced studies. The organisation of the website has been quite effective as each feature has been made available in a very clear and simple format. It is also quite effective that all institutions, who were a part of this collaborative effort, have made themselves easily accessible to students from any part of the world.

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