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The initial concept was for Ohmojo to create a simple website where perhaps for dating, perhaps for friendship, perhaps for a relationship. Every member has their own login to the site. Using the ohmojo login this person, and you’ll see that they are willing to meet up for coffee or drinks. And if you like them, then marry them. But as the concept took much more time to grow and it became clear what the definition of this site would be, it was decided that a password-protected system would be utilised. The reasoning behind this is that people can’t be found by others online or stalked online in general.

What is an Ohmojo?

An Ohmojo is a person who wants to meet up with you for drinks or coffee. If someone wants to register, they have to fill out a registration form. The registration form asks for basic personal information such as name, age, occupation, and interests. After this registration form is received by Ohmojo staff, they send out an invitation via email in order to verify that the potential ohmojo-to-be has signed up.

Steps for ohmojo login - How to Register?

1. Register a member with information (first name, last name, email address).

2. Login using the email address that was used in the registration process.

3. Check to see if the login is correct. Once you confirm that it is correct you can click “Register” and proceed to the next step of registering with Ohmojo.

4. Fill out the registration form. The form will ask for your first name and last name, your occupation, your age, and which city you live in (if necessary). The rest of the information is up to you to decide. Your “interests” and “activities” section of your profile are very important in getting noticed by other members. These are the most important things you should put on your profile page. Other users will be more inclined to contact you if they share similar interests with you.

6. Verify that this new information is correct, and click on “Register.”

Congratulations! You have just joined our dating website! You’re now a member and can start looking for people who have similar interests as yourself, whether for friendship or for a relationship.

Now check the Steps for ohmojo login

Step 1: You can search google or any search engine with the term “ohmojo login”.

Step 2: Click the link here

Step 3: Then click on the “Login” button, and enter your credentials.

Enjoy the Surfing

Do people really like to use the ohmojo login? 

The answer is yes! Most people use this feature because they don’t want any random person finding out their username and password to our website. This eliminates the “stalker threat” that is most common with dating sites. There is a little-known issue that has arisen with this system. It seems that most people on the ohmojo service are men; about ninety percent of them are men (of course, there are some women on the site, but they’re quite rare). This seems to be because of the entire concept of this site: it works in a very similar fashion to a dating site, and it’s geared toward your personal interests and activities. Of course, the majority of women want to meet up for coffee or drinks with men who share their interests!

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