Type of Jobs for pregnant Women

Working in modern organizations – the long hours, fierce competition and deadlines, can take its toll on any person, be it a man or a woman. And if the woman is pregnant, working in such a stressful environment can be detrimental for her health as well as that of her unborn child. That’s why, many women prefer part-time jobs or work at home jobs during their pregnancy. Scroll down to know of such comfortable and easy options of work for pregnant women.

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Jobs for Pregnant Women


This is one of the best jobs for pregnant women as they can pursue it from the convenience of their home or office. The job involves calling up the customers of a company and then educating them on its products, to make a sale.


For women who have experience in a particular field, be it marketing or finance or advertising, starting one’s own consultancy is a lucrative option. Many small businesses who cannot afford to keep full time professionals, are often on the lookout for consultants who can offer them advice on how to run their business. One can start a consultancy from one’s home itself. To get clients for this home based business opportunity, you need to have some contacts in the industry.

Administrative Jobs

Administrative jobs such as a receptionist, computer operator, data entry, typist, bookkeeper, etc. are good jobs for pregnant women as they are not at all physically taxing. They are mostly back office jobs with fixed timings and no stress as there are no deadlines to meet.


With both parents working these days, kids need someone to help them with their homework and assignments. That’s why home tutoring is a booming business today. For this kind of work for pregnant women, you need to be good in academics as well as in handling children.

Hobby Classes

For women who are good in some art and craft activity a good job for pregnant women is to start your own hobby classes. Neighborhood women and children can be initially targeted to attend these classes. Painting, singing, cake decorating, cooking – if you have a talent for any of these, make use of it to earn money while your are pregnant.

Online Jobs

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of job opportunities for people who do not have many qualifications and skills or those who want to work from home itself. Data entry jobs and online surveys are easy work for pregnant women as to carry on the former, the only skill required is good typing speed and for the latter, one simply needs to fill in the survey forms formulated by market research companies, which usually consists of some personal information. Such jobs cause no stress making them ideal for pregnant women.

Content Writing

If you are looking for jobs for pregnant women at home then one of the jobs that you can consider is content writing. Women who have good command over language as well as knowledge of diverse topics such as health, lifestyle, fashion, relationships, science, food, etc. can write for websites online.

Online Selling

This is comfortable and well-paying work for pregnant women. There are various auction sites on the Internet on which you can sell things to make money. Anything can be sold on the Internet – old clothes, books, household items, etc, which are in good condition. To maximize your profits, search the Internet for discounted products and then sell them at a profit on an action site to make money.

The above choices of work for pregnant women are much easier and convenient, compared to full time jobs in the corporate sector. A woman can continue with these even after the child is born as they will leave her enough time to take care of herself, her baby as well as earn money at the same time. With these work at home mom jobs, a woman no longer needs to depend on anyone else financially!

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