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The Universal Account Number (UAN) is crucial because the entire Employee Provident Fund (EPF) services procedure is now conducted online for EPF account holders. UAN makes it simple to use your PF account services, including withdrawal, checking your EPF balance without an employer’s assistance, and applying for a loan. Everything relating to your Universal Account Number is covered on this page. Every employee who makes EPF contributions is given a 12-digit number called the Universal Account Number, or UAN.

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) generates and distributes it, and the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Government of India authenticates it. No matter how many jobs a person changes throughout their life, their UAN never changes. The EPFO issues a new member identification number or EPF Account (ID) connected to the UAN whenever an employee changes jobs. By giving the UAN to the new employer, an employee can request a new member ID. The employee’s UAN is connected to the member ID once it has been formed.

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As a result, the UAN will serve as a catch-all member ID for the many member IDs that the employee has been given by various businesses. To do so, go to the EPFO Member Portal, select “Activate UAN,” and then enter your UAN, member ID, mobile number, Aadhaar, name, and birthdate. To get the authorization PIN delivered to the registered mobile number, click “Get Authorization PIN.” Create a username and password for the UAN site after entering this PIN to confirm the validity of your request.

If you are a salaried worker and must make a required contribution, you become a member of the EPF. Every Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Scheme beneficiary has received a Universal Account Number, as was previously mentioned (UAN). With the use of this 12-digit UAN, an employee is able to link all of his PF accounts from several companies and access them through the UAN Login Portal.

uan login guide more about

Step 1: You can search google or any search engine with the term “UAN login”, or “UAN member login”.

Step 2: Click the login link given here

Step 3: Enter your details email address and password and click the Sign In button and enjoy surfing.

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